D. Belliveau World Block Wall System

D. Belliveau World Block Wall Systems can be used for Residential, Commercial, Highway and Water applications.

These concrete big blocks fit together like giant Legos and serve as a Decorative Retaining Wall System, Coastline Breakwaters and also to divide properties where there are uneven grounds .

These concrete products are solid, strong and built to last.

D. Belliveau World Block Wall System dimensions are;

Regular – 2 ft high x 2 ft deep x 4 ft long

Half Blocks –  2 ft high x 2 ft deep x 2 ft long

We also carry Corners and Half Corners and everything you require to complete your project.

Full Circles

The tightest circle you can make with our blocks will have an outside radius of 16 feet, and an inside radius of 14 feet. Notice that if you’re stacking several courses of full circles, the top course must be designed with the smallest diameter. Of course, larger diameters can be made by simply using more blocks in your circle.